Security will always be a priority. And that is why the search for new locker security options has led to advanced Keypad Door Lock systems. If you think about it, keyless systems are not exclusive to bank vaults and hi-tech facilities anymore. In fact, they are quite common and accessible to anyone.

In order to pick the best digital lock for each purpose, it is necessary to look around and decide which one is the best option for you. How will you do this? Well, spending a little time researching the most popular keypad door locks will save potential hassles in the future.

Basic features include personalized and re-programmable codes and smart keys. However, as technology advances, so do the locking systems.

Here are some of the most advanced features we should expect of a keypad door lock:

a) Remote access: Access can be granted via computer or mobile phone. The system sends an alert to the designated phone number or email when someone is trying to break in. The user can open and lock the door from a remote location. Some systems also offer the option to grant temporary codes to guest users, so that authorized people may have access for a determined period of time.

b) Touchscreen Keypad locks: Some keypad door lock systems have introduced more sophisticated versions of thedigital locks. With a touchscreenKeypad lock the lock a mechanism is not compromised, and it is still very secure, but the touchpad adds a friendly face to it.

c) RFID and Keypad Hybrids: A combination of the RFID Door Lock and a keypad lock, this hybrid system has become a popular choice amongst different distributors. Both systems have different pros and cons and can be used depending on user preferences.

d) Activity Reports: Systems with software compatibility send instant notifications to users and generate reports detailing any lock activity as well.

e) Smart Lock Timers: Some Digilock locks come with a smart timer feature, which means they lock automatically after being left open for 30 seconds.

f) Power Management: Keypad Door locks that connect to the internet will consume their batteries faster, but they can be programmed to connect less often or only when a button is pressed.

Choosing a keypad lock should be a well informed decision. Touchpads might not be the best option for high traffic doors, neither are the automated door lock timers. But some options, like the remote access and activity reports, can be really useful to keep control of entries and exits.

Are you ready to switch to keyless locks? Let us know what you think and leave a comment!