As a new business owner, you most likely overcame numerous obstacles and we want to commend you for that. The thing is, among all your new responsibilities, you cannot forget about keeping your human capital and material resources safe. While your company’s corporate values may include teamwork, commitment to excellence or environmental sustainability, it is critical to focus your efforts on providing a secure environment for your customers and employees.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of small businesses have experienced theft by employees. According to the 2015 Hiscox Embezzlement Watchlist, nearly 72 percent of U.S. federal actions concerning employee theft in 2014 involved small businesses. To help you protect your business against such threats, we came up with a list of reasons you should consider digital locks for small businesses:

#1. Right Level of Security

First and foremost: security is a top priority. Some digital locks like keypads, ibutton and RFID locks deliver high security standards thanks to their latching system. The broad variety of digital lock models available in the market provide standard, advanced or high security level; your choice will depend on the intended lock use and the type of business you run.

For example, if you have a startup with few employees that constantly come in and out of the office, an RFID lock would be a great choice, as you get a card for access. And as an added value, those digital locks offer the benefit of shared use- in which one of the multiple users should present a valid batch for locking and unlocking doors.

In the past, when keys were lost or stolen, the only option was to hire a locksmith to help you secure your property, which was expensive. That is now a thing of the past. Unlike traditional locks, digital locks eliminate the need to carry around a set of keys and most importantly, your business will be less likely to be broken into.

#2. Control and Convenience at an Affordable Price

Digital locks offer a secure, easy-to use solution from small gyms, department stores, schools, company buildings to hotels. Security is crucial to build a good business reputation and avoid unwanted troubles. Depending on the security needs of your establishment, digital locks combine the ultimate security system with simplicity.

As a business owner, you get to establish who access the building and get full control over your locking system. This management feature reduces the risk of confidential information and valuable items getting stolen. Considering their security features and user-friendliness, digital door locks are a cost-effective solution for small business’ needs.

#3. Easy Use and Installation

Digital locks can be quickly programmed and you can easily learn how to use them. Every model offers different mounting options. For example, keypad locks can be surfaced, recessed and offset mounted. In general, digital locks save you headaches and mistakes later on; you would not experience the problem of losing your key or having it stuck in the lock.

An additional benefit for businesses with keypad locks is to allow the entrance to any person that was not authorized to enter your office before; so all you have to do is to give your 4-access code. It is as simple as that. Additionally, when an employee leaves your company, for security purposes, changing codes can be done in a matter of minutes.

Having mentioned the benefits of using digital locks, these are some digital locks categories that are an ideal fit for your small business:

RFID Locks

RFID stands for radio frequency identification, which automatically identifies the badge holder by using radio waves. You can manage the lock system with a programing key or any registered Manager Bypass key. These locks improve operational benefits with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Our RFID locks are popular in a range of small and mid-sized businesses, especially in the hospitality industry. This technology is reliable and can be a differentiating factor for hotel guests or customers. These locks typically need minimum maintenance, since digital technology does not require physical contact and are more likely to have a longer lifespan compared to magnetic technologies.

Keypad Locks keypad locks require a 4-digit pin and are ideal for exterior and interior use where maximum security is needed. Aside from the simplicity of using a code, their interface also contains a key slot to operate locks with an ADA user key. These keypad locks come with an optional pull handle with standard, vertical and horizontal body orientation. You can choose the most suitable one depending on the aesthetic style of the entrance of your business. Moreover, a single user can gain access as well as multiple people.

Digital locks provide a secure technology that protects your business. You can choose among a range of options that are specifically designed and engineered to meet your business needs. Remember: you, your staff and every single element in your business deserve an unmatched level of security. Let’s make sure you get it!