Your safety is a serious matter, and as technology advances, more options surface to make sure you can cross that issue off your to-do list. Whether it is your business or home you want to protect, here are some of the most popular options we have to offer.

Keypad Locks

This sleek, yet resistant lock is very easy to install and use. It works with a 4-digit code and it is ideal for shared use. Keypad locks also offer visual and audible aid to make sure they provide the ultimate user experience. Their modern design won’t mess with your business or home decor and you’ll get peace of mind knowing you are all protected.

RFID Locks

As opposed to a keypad lock, every user will need a valid card to access the RFID lock.
That quality makes it more suitable for a business environment, because it requires a higher responsibility level from every user. RFID locks are designed with the highest technology to prevent any intrusions from unauthorized users.

Keypad Camlocks

Just as keypad locks, these locks work with a 4-digit code. The difference is that they also include a key slot for ADA user keys. Keypad camlocks come with a turn knob and cam lever lock for guaranteed resistance. These features make camlocks a cost-effective solution for locker security at any level.

RFID Camlocks

RFID camlocks are a flexible option for locker security. Their lever mechanism is activated by a programmed card or ADA key. These locks are practical for single or shared use. Their design is an added value, as its elegant metal body is resistant and great-looking at the same time.


The iButton is the ultimate solution for ADA requirements. The system is operated with a single key that users just need to place correctly, no turning, no grasping. To make things easier, it also provides audio and visual aid to make sure the users have no problems handling their lockers.

All of our products include a 2-year guarantee and our permanent support. Our goal is to help you keep your material and human resources safe, so you can perform at the best of your capabilities.

Technology has advanced at every level and it is our job to help you identify those devices that will best suit your safety needs. Please feel free to contact us for a personalized assessment at 1-877-562-5755.