While most locks are quite similar, if you have ever needed to look for a certain locker lock, you probably know there’s vast array of locks to choose from. Whether you are looking for a Keypad Lock or a RFID Door Lock; understanding the differences between the most popular Digital Lock models is important.


First, you need to answer a few questions before making a purchase: Is it intended to be used outdoors or indoors? Is this a one-time buy or will you be making annual purchases? Are you interested in something stylish to secure a locker at the gym? Or are you interested in a robust, durable model?

Choose the Right Digital Lock for You

Keep in mind the following tips, and you should be able to make the best choice when buying a lock that meets both your budget and security needs:

a) Check if you need a master key. Are you planning on buying bulk padlocks for a school or gym? Then you need a master key. These kinds of locks come with a special key that opens all locks. However, if you just need one lock, there’s no need to buy one of these models.

b) Check the rating system. Did you know that lock makers have a rating system for locks? All locks are graded from 1 (Lowest Security) to 6 (Maximum Security). So, next time you are buying locks make sure they meet your security needs.

c) Make sure you do need a digital lock. Do you need a traditional keyed lock or a Digilock? Many people believe traditional locks are the easiest ones to open; however, this is not true. If you in fact need a digital lock, make sure to do your research.

d) Find out if it is a regular lock or a master lock. The master locks have an additional pin, which in theory makes them more secure and harder to pick. Actually, experts say that master locks can only be opened with their own keys, while other keyed padlocks could be opened by any other key that fits their groove.

e) Research about Key Padlocks and Combination Padlocks. You see, key padlocks use a key to align its pins, while the combination padlock lines them up by entering a combination to release its shackle.

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